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Interested in wild life? I am amazed by the little animals I found over the years.

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Have you ever noticed these white lines on leaves? What…

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Working from home has its advantages, especially when you face your garden while typing away on your laptop. I got distracted when I noticed a very red butterfly flapping away. I didn’t remember ever having seen a red butterfly. I got up, grabbed my camera and hoped that it would stay still somewhere. It did! It was a cinnabar moth, or in Dutch: de Sint-Jacobsvlinder.

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I was working from home (quarantaine you know) a couple…

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one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

H.C. Andersen (the complete fairy tales)

About me

Hi, I am Nadja, owner of Het Wilde Leven, or The Wild Life, if you want a translated version. I live in Belgium, Flanders, and am a huge nature lover. It all started with my grandfather who took me with him into his garden where he grew vegetables, apple and pear trees, and flowers. He even had a tree which he had especially planted in the year I was born. My grandmother collected articles and stickers and I always took the ones with animals.

Later on, my father took me with him to a photo club and there I learnt some tricks with my camera.

All comes together. I am still at my best outdoors with a book or my camera, zooming in on the details.